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⁣Youtube Creator Academy Webinar

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From being among the first set of Fishery graduates.

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00:00 - Intro
00:52 - Premarket
02:32 - Price analysis
07:07 - Airdrop filter

Hello everyone, in this video we will discuss what the price of the HMSTR Hamster Kombat coin might be, when it may become available, and how you can get it.


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🎉 Hey VOA fans! 🎉Today, we bring you a special episode featuring your fave, D'banj! 🎤✨

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Are you eager to learn how you can leverage the Nigerian economy to your advantage?

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Introduction to Ton Keeper Wallet
(00:00 - 00:20) Introduction to the tutorial on using the Ton Keeper wallet and creating a Ton wallet using Telegram.

Installing Ton Keeper Wallet
(00:20 - 00:57) Instructions on downloading the Ton Keeper wallet from the App Store or Google Play Store and initial setup for first-time users, including creating a wallet and enabling notifications.

Wallet Creation and Backup
(00:57 - 01:34) Steps for creating a new wallet within the Ton Keeper app, setting up a passcode, and the importance of backing up the seed phrase securely.

Sending and Receiving Ton
(01:34 - 02:15) How to send Ton to others by copying your wallet address, adding comments to transactions, and the process for receiving Ton using a QR code.

Buying, Selling, and Swapping Ton
(02:15 - 02:46) Information on buying and selling Ton directly within the app, using your bank card, and details on swapping Ton for other tokens within the Ton ecosystem.
Using Decentralized Applications (DApps)

(02:46 - 03:10) Navigating to the browser within the TonKeeper wallet to access DApps like Stonfi and DeDust, including NFT marketplaces and DeFi protocols on the Ton ecosystem.

Wallet Customization and Security
(03:10 - 03:55) Customization options for the wallet, including changing emojis and colors, along with security settings, and how to contact support or reset the wallet.

Creating a Wallet Using Telegram
(03:55 - 05:15) Demonstrating how to create a wallet on Telegram, highlighting the advantages of linking the Ton Keeper wallet to Telegram for accessing games and applications built on the Ton ecosystem.

Conclusion and Next Steps
(05:15 - 05:20) Closing remarks encouraging viewers to try out the Ton Keeper wallet, with a reminder to like and subscribe for future tutorials.

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Join the behind the scenes of shooting a music video for Matata in the ice cold winter landscape of Norway!

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The hamster Kombat game is now the biggest telegram game on the planet with close to a 100 million players. The records are still being shattered on all platforms and the traction is yet growing, but there have been some confusing questions the hamster Kombat community have been seeking direct answers to and in this video, we have shared their responses to those pivotal concerns about the game ranging from hamster Kombat long term goals to very important questions as which should be given more attention, the in game coins or the profit per hour? See the entire video for full answers

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HASKE247, We Stream #arewa, #hause, #kannywood, #nollywood, Movies, #tvseries, #talkshow, #music, #comedy, #shortfilms, #webseries and #subtitle in #english and #hausa on our #online #entertainment platform., Download our APPs #haske247 on #applystore and #googleplay Store #thisisnigeria.,

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If you watch this video you'll get 30 years of business knowledge in 2hrs 26mins.

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0:00 Intro
2:57 How To Start A Business With No Money
11:25 How To Win
17:34 How To Lose
20:44 How To Do A Mind Map (Business Plan)
28:15 How To Find Purpose
34:34 How To Find A Co-founder
40:27 How To Sell
48:55 How To Market Your Business
1:01:08 How To PR Your Business
1:07:28 How To Get An Investor
1:23:23 How To Get Sponsors
1:32:45 How To Build A Brand
1:42:46 How To Hire, Grow And Build
1:52:31 How To Fire Someone
1:58:27 How To Go Global
2:02:02 How To Get A Mentor
2:08:37 How Equity Works
2:19:53 How To Sell Your Business

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