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Ejike helps oyibo find his Nigeria queen.

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Learn the 12 shots that will change your filmmaking forever! Whether you're a beginner or seasoned pro, these cinematography basics will take your videos to the next level.

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02:09 Shot 4
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02:58 Shot 6
03:26 Shot 7
03:45 Shot 8
04:02 Shot 9
04:18 Shot 10
04:57 Shot 11 & 12

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In 2022, David Hundeyin published a story about the illegal operations of Loan sharks in Nigeria. Two years later, one of the companies implicated in his investigation is yet to face any sanctions from the authorities.

In this video, I spoke with Hundeyin to understand the operations of Loan sharks and how they manage to get away with bullying and harassing their victims.

Read David Hundeyin's investigative piece here:

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Great lighting can make all the difference in your videos. It helps capture a certain mood and atmosphere that elevates the overall story or theme when done well. In this video, Pye breaks down how to light a living room style podcast set and how to get the exact look you want using a simple step-by-step guide.

Video Timestamps:
Intro: 0:00 - 1:30
Composition: 1:31 - 2:24
Ambient Light: 2:25 - 5:31
Modify/Add Light: 5:32 - 10:52
Press Record: 10:53 - 11:09
Outro: 11:10 - 12:04

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#luxli #lighting #tutorial

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Nigerian films to the world. Anticipate "The Man Died" - An Awam Amkpa film featuring Wale Ojo, Sam Dede, Nobert Young, Segilola ogidan and Simileoluwa Hassan.

The film is a Prof Wole Soyinka biopic from the book of the same title.

Coming soon to your screens this summer 2024.

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#nollywood #nollywoodmovies #nigeria #themandied #wolesoyinka

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A directorial debut by Ghanaian-Nigerian music executive and creative entrepreneur, Oscar Heman-Ackah.

Finding Messiah - a political musical drama revolves around the fictional nation of The Republic of Zambay, an ancient civilisation complete with its own culture, language and sensibilities.

Written and directed by Oscar, the film features veteran acts like Pete Edochie, Ngozi Ezeonu, Taiwo Ajayi-Lycett, Alex Usifo, and Ejike Asiegbu. Starring also is the veteran Nigerian galala singer, Daddy Showkey, Sunshine Rosman, Bucci Franklin and Uzi Kwednu.

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#nollywood #nollywoodmovies #nigeria #forzambay #findingmessiah #findingmessiahmovie #oscarhemanackah

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Craze Clown is really a crazy Clown, but not in my office!!
Watch latest African comedy, funny videos, talk shows, short films, rants, and lots of entertainment on Lasisi Elenu鈥檚 channel.

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Official Video for "Men Are Crazy" by Simi featuring Tiwa Savage

"Men Are Crazy" OUT NOW
Stream here:

Connect with Simi:
Twitter (X):
Spotify: https:
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Men are crazy
But I still want one in my bed oh
And I still got one I鈥檓 my head oh

Don鈥檛 introduce yourself to me
When you step to me
Cause if left to me
Love is dead to me - uhn
O fe so mi lenu
I know what you want yea
And I double dare you
Sick over you case terminal
Shey make I activate my arsenal
You say you wanna show me stamina
O wa fe ma ba mi ja
Ki lo fe ma ba mi fa nuh nuh
Ya ya ya - ya ya ya
I don鈥檛 want to fight
Just come here tonight
If you do it, I can do it, we can do it
Baby do it right now
See I dey tell you

Men are crazy
But I still want one in my bed oh
And I still got one in my head oh
Men are crazy
But I still want one in my bed oh
And I still got one in my head oh


These men are crazy - yea

Man go dirty your white
Man go kala your cruise
Love no go shingbain
Can you tell me how do I recover the time
All the time ti mo na be currency for your time
Plenty story dey to mi fa so
Brother John, brother John
Cover this, men are scum
Dem talk say love e sweet
No return
I belong to the world
Love is lo lo lo love is sweeter
No enter fire body sober
When the night get cold and lonely
I miss you and your craziness

Men are crazy
But I still want one in my bed oh
And I still got one in my head oh
Men are crazy
But I still want one in my bed oh
And I still got one in my head oh

Men are crazy

But then again
He say I too dope
No skips, no fillers
I already know what the deal, what the deal is
Even though, even though
You say what you say and I do what I do
I can鈥檛 be without and I can鈥檛 be with you
I hate that I love how I hate loving you
Wetin you too go do
Put yourself in my shoes
All the bull I been through, me no want and dejavu
Men dey craze, although you make me sing falsetto
And I submit cos I like head o
Sometimes I too dey forget o

Men are crazy
But I still want one in my bed oh
And I still got one in my head oh
Men are crazy
But I still want one in my bed oh
And I still got one in my head oh

Men are crazy

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See how we made a whole country music video in just one location, using the sun and some RGB lamps!

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0:00 Intro
0:23 The location and the artist
0:50 Using the sun and a mirror for lighting
3:00 Directing tips
3:44 Creating a bar scene using newspaper and RGB lamps
5:52 The Zhiyun Molus X60 RGB lamp
8:12 Playing around with RGB lighting
10:54 The final music video
13:58 Outro

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Sponsored by Huel - go to and with your first order you鈥檒l get a free t-shirt and shaker.

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Matthew Dicks is an internationally bestselling author, podcaster, and a 59 time champion storyteller who teaches the storytelling to individuals, companies and universities. His latest book 鈥楽omeday Is Today鈥 is an account of his journey to find purpose and meaning in life after experiencing traumatic and near death experiences as a young man - an almost fatal car crash and being robbed at gunpoint. He was also made homeless after leaving high school and put on trial (and then acquitted) for a crime he did not commit. In the conversation, we talk about Matthew's story and some of the strategies he talks about in his book for getting from dreaming to doing and the practical ways to turn idle moments throughout your day into productive opportunities so you can move closer to your goals.

Season 5 Episode 13

00:00 Intro
01:38 Your background
05:43 What do most of your clients struggle with?
08:00 How to stop caring what others think
12:06 Being process vs results orientated
14:20 Your goal setting process
21:29 Your approach to productivity
24:24 How to use Horizon goals
35:27 Incrementalism
44:20 Your early life, homeless and motivation
49:50 Striving vs enjoying the present moment
52:55 Understanding regret
01:00:05 10 minutes is precious
01:08:38 Why you should break rules
01:20:06 Your near death experiences
01:29:20 Being arrested for a crime you didn't commit
01:34:40 Parting thoughts


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Deep Dive is the podcast that delves into the minds of entrepreneurs, creators and other inspiring people to uncover the philosophies, strategies and tools that help us live happier, healthier and more productive lives.

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There鈥檚 a special type of satisfaction that comes with making great tasting meals that are affordable and nutritious. Maryam and her guest do just that on today鈥檚 episode and of course, MAGGI delivers all the flavour. Tune in for the easy steps on how to make Fankaso Da Assorted Meat Sauce for a delightful Iftar! #cookthedifference#maggiramadandiaries#magginigeria

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Today鈥檚 episode, like every other, shares another delicious, nutritious and affordable recipe that you can easily prepare for your family to enjoy at Iftar. Ohunene and her guest use MAGGI flavours to bring out the best in a dish of Beans with Smoked Fish Sauce And Kunun Tsamiya. #cookthedifference#maggiramadandiaries#magginigeria

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Nolan sits down with Noah Morris and Caleb Boxx, the YouTube creators who make millions without showing their faces. In this interview, they reveal how they found success and offer valuable advice for beginners.
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鈴 Timecodes 鈴
0:00 Millions of Dollars with Faceless channels
7:12 Misconceptions
11:56 What to Invest in
17:00 Multiple Channels
21:44 Advice for Beginners
24:26 Copying Others
24:09 Long Form vs Shorts
39:34 Copyright Issues
42:54 Getting Started

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Watch We Bow Down by Testimony Jaga

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Cinematography Breakdown: Danny Gevirtz Feature Film - I THINK I'M SICK.

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00:00 - INTRO
03:04 - BREAKDOWN 1 (2 SHOT)
10:25 - RECAP
12:30 - WRAP

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Is it a coincidence that 3 of the biggest YouTubers in Africa have the exact same success story? Find out!

#nigerianyoutuber #tayoaina #wodemaya

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In this episode of "Like Father, Like Son" Papa Ade and his son decides to open a daycare because of an advice he got. Watch and see how it unravels

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#francscfa #frenchfranc #ibrahimtraore

Many African countries have been using a money system set up by their former colonial master 鈥 France 鈥 for decades. This money called the 鈥淐FA franc鈥, keeps the African nations tied down and controlled by European powers. But some brave leaders have had enough of this outdated slavery.

Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso are three neighbors saying 'no more!' to French rule over their cash. These revolutionary governments are joining forces to create a new currency system that finally breaks their people free from foreign control. This brings us to our topic of today.

In this explosive video, you'll witness the defiant acts of these African leaders standing up to Western bullies. You'll learn shocking truths about how the CFA franc traps nations in poverty while enriching Europe. And you'll see the first heroic steps being taken to build a new future of true independence, prosperity, and pride for all Africans.

FOOTAGE licensed through Storyblocks

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