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Download project and media files here:

Don't forget the FREE DaVinci Resolve Resource Guide:

FREE Fusion Mini-Course: https://www.groundcontrol.film/survival-guide

The 9 Nodes You Need to Make (Almost) Anything in Fusion: https://www.groundcontrol.film/9-nodes-workshop

00:00:00 INTRO
00:15:50 - Media Page
00:29:28 - Edit Page
01:12:21 - Cut Page
01:33:08 - Fusion Page
02:28:06 - Color Page
04:04:39 - Fairlight Page
04:27:15 - Deliver Page

FUSION: ZERO TO HERO - The Ultimate Blackmagic Fusion Course (Great for Beginners!)

- Learn to make motion graphics and visual effects in DaVinci Resolve!



Pro Compositing & VFX in Fusion Course:


Pro Editing Workflow in DaVinci Resolve Course:


Pro Color Grading in DaVinci Resolve Course


DaVinci Resolve for iPad Course


Want some great Video and Music/SFX? Check out Artgrid and Artlist for some amazing royalty-free assets:

Artlist.io (MUSIC/SFX/VIDEO): https://bit.ly/3ayH9oL
Lighting provided by GODOX

At the end of this FREE course, you’ll be able to create your own videos in DaVinci Resolve and know the basics of every step of the process, from importing and organizing media to rough edits to polishing to visual effects and motion graphics, color grading, audio mixing, and all the way to final render.
If you don't know Resolve, you're not ready to learn Fusion yet. So my hope is that you pick up Resolve and start to love it and use it every day. And pretty soon you'll want to learn Fusion. That's where we can really help you out!

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