The Secret Tool to CREATING The HOLLYWOOD Look

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The secret role on how to create the hollywood look is through production designing. MOST IF NOT ALL THINGS START WITH PRODUCTION DESIGN! the colors, mood, tone, characters all of it starts with Production design!

I can honestly say some of my best work was when I was on a shoot with a production designer, art director or set designer. The first time I called myself a DP was when I hired a crew and learned the importance of a TEAM!

Most times people talk about the hollywood look it's always from a standpoint of camera and lighting but that's not the only assets that willl help you get the hollywood look. I would even argue that it's not the most important assets when trying to get the hollywood look. The best way to get the hollywood look and enhance your cinematography and is by working with a Production Designer! I feel like when people watch movies most times the director, cinematographer or editor gets all the praise but we always forget about how much production designing went into play to craft this world that we fell into for 2 hours of wathcing a film or show. Without production design, we're just pointing the cameras and hoping something pretty comes out of it. The best way to grow as a cinematographer is to learn how involved Production desiging should be in crafting our frames.

So in this video I wanted to just shed a little light on the importance of production designing to a cinematographer and how they work hand in hand in creating a visual world.

00:00 - Intro
00:28 - What is Production Design
01:08 - Why Is it Important to a Cinematographer
05:57 - The Creator Conversation
08:38 - Outro

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