Tribe Called Judah Star Uzee Usman Shares The Secret to Success in Nollywood

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an actor in Nigeria?

We just released a new episode on Building from Africa!

Our guest is the exceptional Dr. Uzee Usman Adeyemi, a down to earth, bubbly personality. He is a phenomenal Nigerian actor and film producer known nationally and internationally, for his films and features: A Tribe Called Judah, Anikulapo, Voiceless, Anikulapo, Oga Abuja and. His ability for fusing Nollywood and Kannywood together has won him several awards and recognitions.

In this episode, Uzee Usman talks about his early years, hustling around to auditions. He takes us through his journey of being a makeup artist, actor, filmmaker, and producer. He shares about his passion, grit, losses, and lessons, how he rose to fame in the movie industry and featured in the movie “A Tribe Called Judah”.

He believes in oneness of the people, whether Hausa, Yoruba or Igbo, which is why in his movie productions, he infuses characters from all three tribes, to sell the narrative of unity.

His passions lie around making impact. It is why his films are deliberately produced with the aim to promote social good.

Are you a current young filmmaker, actor or producer who is trying to get into the movie industry?

Dr. Usman has this advice for you below:

-Be Patient
-Be Dedicated
-Be Focused
-Be Determined
-Be Loyal
-Be God-fearing
-To do better, you must learn through losses

When asked about the framework that has made him manage relationships in the movie space with prominent people, he emphasized "LOYALTY, HUMILITY, APPRECIATION (no matter how little), and RESPECT".

He observed mistakes made by key players in the movie industry, such as negative competitions, and independent filmmakers. In his words, “the sky is big to accommodate everybody, so young and upcoming actors, producers, and filmmakers, should be accommodated and given opportunities to show their talents. Mr. Usman added that the movie industry market needs to be expanded.

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