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If you haven’t yet cooked using MAGGI Soya Chunks, you don’t want to miss this episode! Today Fatima and her guest welcome you into the MAGGI Diaries kitchen for a delicious, protein-rich meal of Vegetable Jollof Rice, made with MAGGI Soya Chunks. Enjoy this meal with the family for an Iftar to remember! #cookthedifference#maggiramadandiaries#magginigeria

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Today’s meal promises to be wonderful and is one close to the hearts of Nigerians”, we couldn’t agree more with the host of today’s episode, Ohunene. Her Beans and Sweet Potato Pottage will make for a delight Iftar meal for the whole family. #cookthedifference#maggiramadandiaries#magginigeria

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A breakdown of how to apply for YouTube monetization with AdSense

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Delicious Iftar meals are a big part of Ramadan, and when you can make them on a budget while still delighting your family, it’s even better! Today, Jamila and her guest prepare an easy, affordable, and great tasting meal using the new MAGGI Soya Chunks. It’s a great opportunity to try it and love it for yourself! #cookthedifference #maggiramadandiaries #magginigeria

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00:00 Intro
00:20 The Setup
00:57 Not The Typical Broadcast...
02:53 Pre-production
04:47 Equipment & Truck Preparation
07:15 Unloading & Setting Up
09:55 Cameras
12:04 Sound
13:46 Neverending issues
14:52 Rehearsals
18:18 Directing Style
19:45 Inside the OB Truck
22:55 Wireless Equipment
24:09 ON AIR

Production : ACE // Karnage / Amine
Broadcast Facilities Provider : AMP Visual TV
Director : Manu Roustit

Backstage Documentary : Zebra Zone
Backstage Camera Ops : Olivier Coll, Claire Lepercq, Thibaud Lepercq

Thanks to everyone who made this video possible!

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#broadcast #camera #television

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#francscfa #frenchfranc #ibrahimtraore

Many African countries have been using a money system set up by their former colonial master – France – for decades. This money called the “CFA franc”, keeps the African nations tied down and controlled by European powers. But some brave leaders have had enough of this outdated slavery.

Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso are three neighbors saying 'no more!' to French rule over their cash. These revolutionary governments are joining forces to create a new currency system that finally breaks their people free from foreign control. This brings us to our topic of today.

In this explosive video, you'll witness the defiant acts of these African leaders standing up to Western bullies. You'll learn shocking truths about how the CFA franc traps nations in poverty while enriching Europe. And you'll see the first heroic steps being taken to build a new future of true independence, prosperity, and pride for all Africans.

FOOTAGE licensed through Storyblocks

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Ejike & Hippo forgot to leave rage behind before showing up today

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Cinematography Breakdown: Danny Gevirtz Feature Film - I THINK I'M SICK.

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00:00 - INTRO
03:04 - BREAKDOWN 1 (2 SHOT)
10:25 - RECAP
12:30 - WRAP

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The agony of love and friendship is at its pick as what is there seems to be there and not there, waiting on one's self mirror to turn to their direction. ILLUSIONS
@visionnationfilms @AJ.Official @age1881 @masterand3maids

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00:00:00 INTRO
00:15:50 - Media Page
00:29:28 - Edit Page
01:12:21 - Cut Page
01:33:08 - Fusion Page
02:28:06 - Color Page
04:04:39 - Fairlight Page
04:27:15 - Deliver Page

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